Tuesday, April 10, 2012

L'oreal Paris Nail Polishes

Yesterday, my mom got me three nail polishes from L'oreal Paris. As I seem to remember, I havent gotten one of this brand before. So I was very excited to be able to try them out. At the moment I can't say much about them since I just did my nails few hours ago. Well, one thing I do know for sure is that the colours are just pretty lovely, and cute. I wouldn't ask for more.

   202 Marie                 Antoniette

 602 Perle de Jade
615 Sky Fits Heaven 

Keep Smilling! xo

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pastel Make Up


Orange, and pink on the eye lid. Light pink under the water line. 

Here we got a Easter! So we can not forget about fresh, and girly look these days. What I decided to do is a pastel make up, which my sister would enjoy without  feeling like she's wearing a ton of products on her face. Instead of it, she's able to look in the mirror, and see her flawless, and very fresh looking skin. This is what everyone needs in spring! I bet I will be wearing this make up a lot on daily bases. And so I recomment to all of you to get your pastel pallets, and make an amazing sunny look, which will bright up not only your eyes, but they whole beautiful face. Plus, if you'll add a big smile it will give you just a perfect combination.

(It's better to click on the picture to get a real view of what it looks like.)

And here we got the whole cute look!
Hope you guys like this make up, and that you're spending your Easter holiday the best as it's possible!

Happy, happy Easter! xo

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Little Sis Does My Nails

Hej, hej!

Dzisiaj przychodzę do Was z takim luźniejszym i śmieszniejszym postem, a mianowicie paznokcie wykonane przez moją siostrę. Przeglądałyśmy sobie filmiki na YouTube i wpadłyśmy na jeden bardzo ciekawy wzór manicure, jakim są Galaxy Nails. Szybko pobiegłyśmy po lakiery i Karola zaczęła kombinować. Cudo przy moich dłoniach w ogólnie nie wygląda jak to z filmiku, ale następnym razem będzie lepiej. Praktyka czyni mistrzem. Tak czy inaczej, są ciekawe. :)

Hey, hey!

Today I'm coming to you with a little bit more outgoing, and funny subject, which is my nails made by my younger sister. We've been looking up some random videoes on YouTube, when we found the one showing really nice, and unique style of manicure. Galaxy Nails. Doesn't it just sound interesting, and funny? We got inspired by the moment we clicked on 'play' buttom. So we got our nails polishes, and Karola started working  on them. In fact my nails dont look like the ones from the video, but they're still cool. Well, next time, will be better. Practice makes us perfect.

A tutaj wideo, które wspomniałam.
Here's the video, I mentioned.

Próbowaliście już robić takie paznokcie? Jeżeli tak dajcie znać jak poszło. :)
Have you tried doing these nails? If yes, let me know how it was. :)

Keep smiling! xo