Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pastel Make Up


Orange, and pink on the eye lid. Light pink under the water line. 

Here we got a Easter! So we can not forget about fresh, and girly look these days. What I decided to do is a pastel make up, which my sister would enjoy without  feeling like she's wearing a ton of products on her face. Instead of it, she's able to look in the mirror, and see her flawless, and very fresh looking skin. This is what everyone needs in spring! I bet I will be wearing this make up a lot on daily bases. And so I recomment to all of you to get your pastel pallets, and make an amazing sunny look, which will bright up not only your eyes, but they whole beautiful face. Plus, if you'll add a big smile it will give you just a perfect combination.

(It's better to click on the picture to get a real view of what it looks like.)

And here we got the whole cute look!
Hope you guys like this make up, and that you're spending your Easter holiday the best as it's possible!

Happy, happy Easter! xo


  1. Lovely look :)
    You have a great blog and I am your new follower.
    Thanks for dropping a comment on my blog <3
    Happy Easter!

  2. You have very beautiful eyes! Happy Easter to you as well!

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  3. thanks for your lovely comment,
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  6. beautiful makeup! xx

  7. pretty makeup! <3

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  8. Lovely makeup, kisses, RA

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  13. you look gorgeous! really pretty make up x

  14. great blog! + pretty make up .:)
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  15. you look so pretty :) will definetly try the makeup idea!! very cute blog :)

    new follower here :) hope you follow me back too :)


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